Is counselling confidential?

Yes. Everything discussed during counselling is confidential between us. There are four exceptions to confidentiality in which a third party may need to be involved. These exceptions include, if the client is at imminent risk of harm to themselves or someone else, if someone under the age of 19 is being harmed and is in need of protection, if there is a court order and my notes are subpoenaed, and lastly, if it is disclosed that a healthcare professional is abusing his or her professional power through physical or sexual abuse. Other than these four exceptions, everything discussed within our counselling sessions remains confidential.

I have never seen a counsellor before. What can I expect when I come to counselling?

When you book a counselling appointment, either online, by phone or through email, there will be opportunity for you to indicate a few dates and times in which you are available to receive a free telephone counselling consultation. This initial consultation will provide you with an opportunity to describe what brings you to counselling, to ask any questions you may have, and determine if this would be a good counselling fit for you. During this time, I may also ask you about any counselling goals you may have or concerns that you are hoping to address in counselling.

When you come into the office at the Grant Street Wellness Clinic for your first counselling appointment, there is a waiting room with couches where you can sit, have a glass of water, and read a magazine as you wait until I come to greet you for your appointment.  The first few minutes of our counselling appointment I dedicate to going over confidentiality with you, answering any questions you may have, as well as have you fill out a basic counselling intake form. After that, we can further explore your presenting concerns, needs, and goals.

How do I book an appointment?

Feel free to book in the following ways:

  • Book online here
  • Phone: (604) 255-9945
  • Email:

If I have extended health insurance coverage, do I still need to pay at the time of the appointment?

Yes, payment is due at the date of each counselling appointment either by cash or credit card. I will provide you a receipt at the end of each counselling appointment with all the information you may need to submit your claim to your insurer. When you submit your claim, you will receive reimbursement. Each extended health insurance plan is different, so please be sure to check with yours to see what type of counselling coverage you have.